A pact with the devil.

Ask yourself what does speaking truth to power look like?While everyone has their eyes on a fictional fairy tale of a Biden tomorrow, the fact that his cabinet is just a reboot Obama Hillary State Department and IC blob should give you pause. If those in DC think things will be better without Trump, think again. Pull your head out of the sand.


One thought on “A pact with the devil.

  1. “a fictional fairy tale of a Biden tomorrow” –Exactly! I get so sick of hearing the naive, idealistic libretards talking about how everything will be so much better now that it’s 2021 and Sleazy Joe (& K-Ho) are in The White House — as if we’ve suddenly crossed some magical finish line after a long miserable marathon and emerged into a socialist utopia!! Wake up, idiots!! All the same problems that were here in 2020 are still here, and you’ve just elected a senile, old, inarticulate career politician who has little to show for over 40 years in public office. So, by voting the DEMONcRATs into 3-way control of the Federal Government, they’ve just dragged this country back into the frickin’ swamp!!! 🙁

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