Life with Biden. Can we survive it?

So when folks wonder why I voted twice for Obama I just tell them this.
I voted against the Republican party of John McCain and Mitt Romney. Think about that for a bit. Look who’s been the biggest detractors of Trump. Was I wrong? Both those candidates are/were Hillary supporters. Mitt Romney may as well be the American version of Chairman Mao reboot and John McCain was all about bombing revenues for the likes of Boeing who can’t even build a fucking airplane anymore let alone a rocket. Have you seen how over budget their space program is and to boot has focused on nothing but profit for shareholders… Not a question but a statement of fact. The Republican party has been nothing but a shell corporation for China/ Wall Street economic alliances. When I traveled to England in my late 20s I was struck by the pervasiveness of class separation and reminded of India’s “untouchable” class. Democrats have adopted the English empire management strategy of old. What this country was created upon was the desire to escape the tyranny of the ruling class and embrace the idea that All Men Are Created Equal. To be deemed untouchable by an economic superior working in a government position cannot serve with any loyalty to the Constitution. Government was intended to be the voice of the people and not THE people. When 74 million Americans are marginalized by the ruling class the truthful reality of oppression is palpable. When colleges build an educational model based upon coded retribution for perceived sins of the past that seeks to deny agency to a false framework of being deplorable, history will judge them vapid and self serving. Pray for our country.

2 thoughts on “Life with Biden. Can we survive it?

  1. I too am disillusioned and quite frankly seriously pissed off. Yes, since Romney then McCain pretended to run for president I got the sense that they didn’t even want the job, both running weak and impotent campaigns. I am seriously looking into the ‘America First’ party. And, of course the election was stolen by the neo-communists who are now calling for re-education camps for 74 million Americans. Ooohh yea, somethings gonna pop when they try to implement some of their policies..

  2. On the one hand, the victorious DEMONcRATs & libretards (along with their cronies in the mainstream media & Big Tech) want to preach “unity” and “healing,” but on the other, they’re trying to marginalize, censor, & silence the other half of the country that didn’t vote for Sleazy Joe & K-Ho! 🙁 It’s going to be a rough 4 years, and conservatives & libertarians will have to stay vigilante & ready to push back whenever the leftists try to infringe on our rights & our way of life!

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