The usual suspects, round them up again.

Accept the election my ass. Republicans have been playing by the moral fairness doctrine against an adversarial enemy that eschews fairness for win at all costs coupled with a long term strategy. With more enemies within our local ranks (national equivalent think Liz Chaney and Mitt Romney), we put ourselves in this position and too by letting rinos keep power in grassroots Republican organizations. Hell even The Heritage group is mired in political “Stay in your lane” thinking. Stop being polite and think ahead. I remember all too clearly how Ken Cuccinelli was left out to dry in his Governor run by establishment Republicans and more recently the collective Republicans with essentially pussy hats teaming up against Nick Freitas at the convention. Can anyone deny the fact that Republicans seem to live for day late and dollar short? How are rinos even on Republican tickets in the first place? Perhaps we have seen the enemy and the enemy is within. Imagine conscripting crossover Democrats with lucrative financial consultant “contracts” and sexually compromising relationships more akin to how Mossad would fight for it’s very existence. This is war, take off the fucking gloves.

4 thoughts on “The usual suspects, round them up again.

  1. I agree totally. I saw Romney on Fox News with Wallace today. He is a worm. At least Colin Powell finally got out of the Republican Party.

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